Friday, April 3, 2015

Well well well

Almost murked the Homie james last week but somehow avoided tragedy. Pretty wild how shit goes down and when I tell people that material shit is nothing more than just that I think people try and think I act like I don't care or conceal emotions... Nah man it's legitly like that sometimes you have shot and sometimes it's gone the next minute so you gotta keep that range on what is and what isn't important in life. That was when unimportant shit goes away you don't mistake it for something that Truly matters. To some people certain things hold more importance and to some nothing is important. I don't know where I file myself with that scenario but I do know that I don't give too much of a shif about most stuff so my life is generally easier than most i believe. That's all no point to the rant just typing to kill time and smashing these 16hr shifts at work. Money is a goal but it too isn't important at the end of the day lol. Weirdo I know.

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