Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Been stackin up, dropped $33k in cash on a new Evo as a boss should do. But this short and brief statement is just to say as everyone puts forth their expert opinions on the Baltimore situations. I say this much. Burn that fuckin city to the ground if need be. The fact that this shit is still occurring is ridiculous and domestic terrorism in a sense. Fuck that. Burn that bitch to the ground and rebuild with a new state of mind and hope that It teaches people that the new rebuilt city was because the old one was accepting of too much bullshit. And at this point fuck you too Mr. President for not pressuring these situations and getting shit done faster. Tired of dudes being murdered and equally tired of shit ass cops plying judge jury and executioner all in the same moment. Fuck you if you can't make better decisions take your shit ass reactive thought process and head back to the less important jobs you came from. That's all hate me or love me but enough is enough burn that fucker down.

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