Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Insane ass week of inventory finally came to an end and was semi good as the last day I wrapped up at my old warehouse. My big boss there asked me to meet with her this week and go over a position I was interested in awhile back. Problem is I am pretty sure the salary offered is going to be substantially lower than what I make right now busting my ass getting all sorts of OT. On top of that my benefits would go from free to being paid out of pocket, again not cool. But it also would be a step in the right direction to having a management title of sorts and trying to grow that into something for the future. But frankly I just dont see the $$$  at the end of that rainbow. Not sure what I am going to do but definitely going to field her offer and see what her starting base is, not that I have much room to argue why I deserve more LOL But see where we are at numbers wise either way. Cruise to Mex was chill but Im def still burnt out on them. The company on the cruise was cool but got  curveball cunt of a visitor and some people are just lame, wont give said person too much shine but seriosuly how you gonna be mad at a magician? LOL more coming soon!

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