Thursday, December 31, 2015

Another one...

Well as the year 2016 is just less than 12hours away I am doing my typical glance back as we all do around this time and some people get thankful and start the wish list for the next year. I'm not much different in that aspect I do have a wish list but it's not so much wishes as its goals I know I will obtain. Thankful for all the people who make my life a little easier and even possible, I typically run pretty wire to wire and don't set a lot of time aside for myself and when people help me it really gives me a chance to breath so shout out the behind the scenes favors and shit that people help me with. My  controlled chaos life can get hectic and lazy and hectic all in the same day lol but I like it that was I guess! 2015 was likely the least active on my bike I've ever been which ironically it's the most active I've ever been with kids and camps also so it's a double edged sword. I started calabasas camps and that has always been something I wanted to get rolling and it gained some traction this year and was a solid effort. I was listening to some stuff the other day and someone was reflecting on leaving something a little better than when you found it and it really made sense to me in the aspect that I may not have done much of what I consider quality riding and my own ambitions on the bike but I definitely did a lot with kids and that will always Be around longer than any accolades I come upon. As the year started to unwind I figured 16 would bring me more time for myself but in a twist of events it's likely going to be much more of the opportunity to stack up cash and I always side with that just because I have some goals that are only achieved financially so the bike unfortunately will get little usage again as the calendar rolls around. I do have a plan to hit the worlds in 16 and we shall see if it pans out, I can settle for one cool trip versus a bunch of random ones. Kinda crazy to see priorities change up but refreshing at the same time knowing you are growing and becoming full circle so I'm content with it... Until I get the bmx itch again haha. 2015 it's been solid and 2016 lets keep the momentum going and handle some business. Happy New Year everyone stay safe and enjoy what the blank slate of 2016 offers you!

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