Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Vegas... Or Nah :(

Planned on hittin Vegas this week and chilling out and watching some bull riding at the National Finals Rodeo but plans went south so looks like a typical week in SJ :( Booooooo Could have gone still but didn't feel like trying to plan hotel and car arrangements last minute so fuck it gonna wash this trip and save it for the next round. Good news of the month is come January Ill be in full BMX race goon mode again. Figure since I wont be working the city as much and definitely not weekends I have plenty of chances to hit some nationals and travel more. Definitely not going to travel as much as I did in the past years racing but I figure 6-7 weekends just go to some fun races that I enjoy or haven't been to before. South Park Pennsylvania jumps out and Louisville immediately comes to mind, and probably a few more random places should be a good time. Gotta get Alan Porter back on a bike to be my road dog so we can split costs and do it like old times, that fool sure did take down a #1 national ranking while running around with me and such a great year of memories I had with him. Thats all for now just wanted to blog so I can keep somewhat in routine and not slack off!

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