Thursday, March 9, 2017


In a few quick moments this morning my email was going off left and right and ill be damned if my day didnt start off cherry. The good homies @PAL approved my jersey series promo last night and like the arrogant a$$hole I am I was already working on sponsorship for it and locked down my title sponsor. It wasnt risky because I would have footed the bill for the series anyway if PAL wasnt on board but they didnt give any push back and agreed to go with it so stoked on that. As the saying goes men lie women lie numbers dont lie. Moto Count and ridership up is slowly creaking doors open and making it possible to do more rad stuff at the local level and I couldnt be happier. We are still the #1 track and now building a lead to hopefully withstand the push that will come in due time. Momentum is built and the foot is on the gas for sure. Come out and support the series and get your piece of $1000 being given out! #comegetmymoney #earnit #watchmedome #forthekids #kidsluvmefugggggit

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