Saturday, April 15, 2017

More great progress!

Well lets start with the approval of the dirt project came through last week so very excited to see PAL step up and financially get behind that project. Couple weeks get that all cleaned up and slang the soiltac again and enjoy that fast surface that we all love. The other nice little thing was that the gate will also be coming soon hoping to have it all coincide at the same time and that would be awesome. Some think the gate is a key thing and I definitely dont agree but I know some people want it and will be excited so I too will share in that hype. Our track is #1 still and we have moved to #8 in the entire country which is pretty awesome the numbers are STRONG and I have a few things to keep pushing and trying to keep numbers around 100 a night. Very excited and the promotions wont be stopping anytime soon. This will be the year that the local track definitely becomes a factor again :) And last but never least page 82 in the new race magazine featured yours truly just explaining coaching stuff at the local level. Its not my first magazine feature or photo but it def is on the race side so it will be a little special but ultimately hearing the kids say they saw me in there makes me feel good and hopefully they see a goal perhaps that keep working hard and they can make it too. Thats all for now off to run races tonight so I can have Easter Sunday off

yeah boi.

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