Monday, April 3, 2017

Surface Situation

Well the ball is now rolling on yet another thing that just warms my soul to get started on. Haha. After an actual rain season the first one in several years the time is now upon us to address the track surface. All things considered the previous stint of soiltac held up extremely well and we were definitely back up and running after heavy rains in quick time. Got a decent quote to get a couple hundred yards of dirt sifted and screened in the next week or so maybe? Then line up the army of helpers and frost the track with a sweet fine layer of surface, dirt pack it in then soiltac it all again and everyones favorite... Stripe the lines! In all seriousness the surface like many tracks right now is pretty beat and with the good numbers we have enjoyed its bout time to get ahead of track maintenance. Pretty excited at how things are aligning and happy to say we as a track are a couple hundred points ahead in the track standings and looking to push that further if possible. We have alot of programming going well and the numbers and promotions have people stoked. Sure we aint pleasing everyone, but largely we are doing more than ever before and thats a trend you oughta get behind. Very excited as the jersey series was 25+ motos and some back end stuff is trending in the right direction so cant be happier but as always never satisfied either. Water conservation grant to pave the turns? Long shot but looks very possible and sent to the powers that be for consideration...
Here is a throwback to when we first sealed the new track and cant wait to try and get it back to this point! Lets Gooooooo.

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