Saturday, September 30, 2017


Its far past time to show some thankfulness. People dont do it enough because its sometimes just a word. Thanks. And you go about on your day. Not today people because today I am extremely thankful. And you will get a shoutout if you deserve one and if I missed ya my apology but these are just the standouts at the moment. First of all thanks to situations and opportunities. This is not a person in the sense that nobody is to directly acknowledge but amen to the opportunities put in place or making the right decisions and wrong ones too! Now onto the squad for todays event in no particular order as the whole it takes a village thing and nobody is more important than the next comes to mind. Seth and Benny helping kids take that first lap you guys probably have yet to see how important that is but in time you will see it and learn that arguably giving the kid that confidence that they can charge the track and knowing you guys are going to make sure they survive it is a BIG deal. Without that safety net that you guys provide quite frankly I see way less kids going for it on their own. Cheers gents. The Verduzco family and Mr Salazar from Ruthless Racing. Top notch help from start to finish. Jeff was one of the first dudes there today and one of the last to leave. Helped immensely as a group cant say enough from the snack shack ladies to the loaner bikes they killed it. Jeff Sereni working the hill and handling the critics and taking notes on all the improvements we will be making going forward. Always need someone to run blocker and keep things on course, thank you sir. Marisa and Kim handling registration in its entirety was a blessing and knowing those two have things handled made it easy to float around and do small things here and there. Packing bags cuz supposedly we ran out? Meh. I saw plenty of extras. Taking care of the whole reg process was priceless in its own way. Nicole Davis that ability to host these events knowing we have quality loaner bikes ready to go and now safety equipment as well? A month ago I would have procrastinated this event just because trying to get loaners set for this many people would have been a logistical nightmare. Today? Simple as rolling them out by size and setting them out for use. Done. Effortless. Your opportunity provided that and it does not go without notice. Lastly, the ridership. You the riders dictate the success and ultimate failures of tracks. You have several tracks to go to especially in the bay area. We have several tracks that run similar schedules and as much as I appreciate that we can all survive splitting the pool I def consider that if we were forced to frequent  other tracks out of necessity it would help some programs. But the ridership when we started doing rider aimed promo to really give back to the core of our support system they did right by us and have come out in droves. Days like today its not even core riders with memberships its the new riders. But week in and week out you can definitely see the riderhsip staying consistent and making it happen. We have done amazing things this year from a new gate to asphalt turns and an impressive run for state championship rights next year. While most are still works in progress I can say I look forward to keeping things on the right track and have several ideas to give you riders a good reason to keep coming back and making you proud to call Santa Clara PAL your local track. See ya at the next gate drop my friends!

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