Monday, August 11, 2008


Just got home from the Tucson road trip. Good shit. Kinda hot out there like usual and I always say it I dont know how I lived there lol. Highlight of the trip was seeing my friend Travis that I havent seen in prolly 10 years! Randomly at a gas station in my old hood. I was psyked we exchanged numbers and he's one of the first guys I rode BMX with so we have a cool past for sure. Anyway trip went well I knocked out quite a few hours behind the wheel and enjoyed the scenery. Shoulders slowly getting better and better should be good in like 2 weeks and work has been good gettin about 20sumthin hours a week so I aint too bummed on that :) Check the pic to see a roadside fire taken on Lisas cell :)

And obviously Im going to mention the 2 biggest stories as well. Go USA already killin it over there in China! And unfortunately the sad passing of comedic genius Bernie Mac. If you know me you know that I hold Kings Of Comedy as the funniest stand up of all time and one of my favorite movies of all time is "life" starring Mac-Eddie Murphy-Martin Lawrence. So I wont rant and rave about how bummed I am but it did shock me and prayers to his family and hopefully something good can come out of such a sad passing. Youtube Bernie Mac and have a laugh at a true genius.

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