Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Well today i got ahold of a pic that I had to share and even if nobody sees it at least it'll be saved on here :) Anyway so heres the deal lately Ive been really bummed about not having local trails and stuff of that sort to ride
:( There are a few decent places but Ill be straight forward with you I want something really special. The last good spot in my opinion was Red Devil- It was truly a legendary place located in Union City in the East Bay, and was/is the oldest spot still running storng until getting plowed just 6months ago. I was really bummed to here that bit of news and Ive passed by a few times but never took the time to walk through and see it all gone. Call it I dont wanna see reality or whatever but its sad... Anyway long story short Im looking for somewhere to build and when I find it things will be good :) Enjoy this retro picture from Red Devil circa 1979-1980 before I was even born.

Jerry Aroyo jumping over Factory Skyway Pilot Rick Palmer at Red Devil.


Anonymous said...

Yo Nick

I found a couple spots to dig.One at Lake Elizebeth and the other near old alvardo in in union city.Hit me up some time


Esther said...

Dude, they plowed Red Devil? I had a lot of good memories there too :[ Watching you ride... BTW I'm moving. Again.