Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Epic Failure...

Just got word from Chris @ SJBMX.com that the indoor park which is less than a year old up outside of Sacramento is closing its doors as soon as tomorrow? Kinda quick closure, but in this day and age of a zillion free skateparks popping up left and right I cant say Im very surprised. They made what was a definite last ditch effort to include BMX nights after initally going with the NO BMX policy, haha so kinda like karma IMO. Anyway enjoy the pic below of what looked to be a fresh ass bowl setup and lets hope the ramps find a new home closer to the bay and someone that is psyked on BMX. As for me I took advantage of lightrail today and rode Downtown Roosevelt with Chris and Joe and then met up with Marlo at King and Mc Kee. Really psyked on the new park bike, its a shitload lighter than my previous one and the setup felt good alot of manual lines and stuff today and even ate shit once to make sure things were all good. Ive been wanting to tinker with alleyoop flairs so might try those sometime soon but we shall see. Not much more to say but Im going to Tahoe this weekend with a $25 gas card and a hope and a dream so wish me luck. My cousin Jose is gettin married and Im just tagging along because nobody is trustworthy to drive in the snow apparently? haha I guess I have experience with that but haha should be funny. Probably going to gamble lightly as Im broke as fuck, and more than that get my sled session on. Yeah buddy.

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