Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I dont know why, but lately all I can say and my excuse and punchline for everything is "its rough in the streets" haha Im seriosuly just giggling typing it because for some odd reason that I cant even put a finger on thats just hilarious to me. Anyway I built up my newest park bike and I swear I have pics being posted soon. New lighter frame and I swapped out my rear spokes for some ti spokes so the whole wheel set is more weight concerned then mary kate at a photo shoot. What else.... Work is on hold for 14days so if anyone has a money making scheme both legal and illegal Im with it lets get some ski masks and do work :) haha. Still looking for a road bike for transportation to and from work and every little shit fixed gear kid better watch out cuz Im lurkin with a pair of bolt cutters somewhere... Thats it ladies. Stay Strong.

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