Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New whip. Kinda.

Built up the freshy whip in time for rainy season apparently. This aint a bike check by any means but here goes. New 21" Fly Campillo frame in brown cuz it was nasty cheap with the off color haha. Frame is silly light so I figured I might as well lighten up the whole whip here and there. Ti spoked the rear wheel and replaced a few ti spokes in the front. Slapped on the ITS MK2 front tire which is huge but feels good so I like it. 2.25" is big. New seat and post coming soon from Deluxe which a portion of their sales go to Stay Strong/Murray so Ill be buying that for sure. Rain has been hit and miss the track should be open tonight but either way Im going to ride concrete park sometime today before I find out if the tracks riding or not. Going to drive to Xmas classic for some strange reason haha. Should be a good crew we shall see who folds in the final minute and makes the smarter decision and stays home and skips the 38? hour drive? I have a free flight so I was going to use that but Id rather trip it with the guys and gals and talk shit and stuff. Im sure Ill spend way more money than I should but whatever, run that shit you only live once. Still havent figured out the living situation I definitely need to relocate ASAP cuz the longer I stay at home the closer I am to killin someone haha. Knee is doing good and Im still on the tennis comeback of all things :) Check the pic of the new whip and get at ya boy. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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