Monday, October 11, 2010

NBL State

Actual text I woke up to at 6:50am...

Wake up, step outside and take a big deep breath. Thats the smell of the day you lose... Courtesy of Nate my boy whom I race and battle with on several different continents.

I reply with... Wow I really should get an Iphone because they have that cool dictionary app that could explain that word you used that Im just not too familiar with- "lose". What is that?

He scores the text war win with... Nick allow me to help you I have that app.
   /luz/ Show Spelled
[looz] Show IPA
verb, lost, los·ing.
–verb (used with object)

for example and used in a sentence- Nick Valencia will definitely be losing today. He has no chance because Nathan has more ponies than a wells fargo express atm machine.

Keeping in mind this jackass wakes me up at 6:50am with this nonsense. The day went well for me I went 2,1,1 in motos and then checked out in the main taking the win. It was shortlived though as NBL values motos a little too much and I didnt have the overall points for the state doowop title but it was a good weekend none the less. Dipped out to Orange Y BMX in southern cal with Roybal for some more BMX action and after paying $7.00 for practice which was a 45 minute practice I was a little farther from an evo but good session anyway. Gavin Lubbe cherrypicked the pro am win and took down $175 for a few hot laps. Good job buddy. Steve Grote was untouchable in 17-24 when the main rolled around, Niko had some legs for him on Saturday but taking too many laps definitely took a toll on him a stand up second though which aint bad at all. Pretty small turnout and some guys were MIA but all in all it was a good weekend and now time to hope nobody goes to OHIO and the presidents cups take is large :) Pics soon? Who knows. Dale Paris thanks for lettin me crash the 5th wheel over the weekend.

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