Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just cuz it aint your shit, doesn't mean it can't be good shit!

As you should already know I'm a diehard Oakland A's fan through and through. Lets get that straight right now. Something about the stadium being surrounded by the hood, and the cheap ticket prices and all around scrappy baseball that reflects the A's is something I prefer to the high class baller status Giants just across the water. But. I respect talent regardless of who has it and I tip my Oakland hat and root for the Giants as they have put together just enough in the last month of baseball to fight their way into the World Series. Shout out them for doing the bay proud and giving the city of SF something to be hyped about, and more importantly showing that even a broken clock is right sometimes :) haha. Seriosuly though Im on the wagon but Im a Oakland dude til the end of time. Not too much going on lately the rain is upon us and thats both good and bad so we shall see what transpires... Show this week with Al at a local school should be fun and inventory at the warehouse. Good times.

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