Monday, April 18, 2011

Quit talkin and lets see who got skills!

Bring it fools! After being in Chula this weekend and hearing the smack talk from SEVERAL words with friends players I promised I would make this little project tournament happen. So here is the logistics. Its $10 to enter and its pretty much winner takes all and we can kick a few bucks back to the 2nd place person and a "Say I Wont" prize pack for the 3rd place person. I got plenty of cool stuff from the Nor*Cal Classic prize stash so the 3rd place person will probably make out with the most loot.

How do I enter? Log into your paypal and send me $10. Here is the catch when you send the payment to MAKE SURE TO SEND IT AS A GIFT... That makes the whole $10 come to me and if this scam is going to work I need every penny. When you click send a payment, click the "personal" payment tab and select gift from the options. Once your done sending the whopping $10 your in and Ill be emailing you from the Bahamas, errrr I mean I'll email your further instructions. Or... You can also pay me $10 in person but dont expect a receipt, thats a paper trail and uncle scam aint welcome at this party. This is gonna be like a good pyramid scheme so sign up early and Im hoping to get 12 people, I figure those tempted to cheat *cough* Rio Frio *cough* will elect to play fair, but at the same time if Misty puts a 200 point beat down on me again I have to keep my pride somehow so dont ask me how I though up the word... jhvejkefql and scored 197 points in the process. LOL Brackets are drafted up and will be placed here and updated throughout the tournament until we crown a winner. Single elimination first round and best 2 out of 3 for all rounds after that... Questions? Lets do this!


Patrick Nugent said...

Set a time limit to games so people don't take 3 days to play a word.

Anonymous said...

i forgot to give you my ten, fuck lets do this i want in. text me 6502813446

brian carrillo