Friday, April 29, 2011

Welcome To Omaha...

You can usually figure your going to have a great day when you wake up to the real deal Hannah Montana and she is giving you the eyes. I chatted her up for a second when I woke up, but she didnt seem interested. To be quite honest she didnt even reply it was like she didnt even listen... Just stood there all sassy with a hand on her hip and a full load of attitude. All good though, I asked her where Allan Porter was since I have seemed to misplace him somehow. He didnt return my calls or texts and I feel like ive been stood up for this race... Guess Ill be partying alone to celebrate my wins LOL. Just the cruiser this weekend, trying to stay on a budget and I have nothing for 19-27x anyway, plus it's a duck race so I wouldnt care if I did that well in class anyway. But Im excited cuz these will be scores 3 and 4 for cruiser so only 2 more after this weekend and I'll be set for a grands shot at a NAG plate. Its been far too long LOL. Sent in my 24" request for team USA, I would assume itll get approved without too much hassle, but funny they changed it up. It used to be if you qualified on one bike you were good on both, but not anymore. Deadline was today at 5pm, and I just luckily emailed mike king yesterday while on a flight and he replied at 12midnight and said get it done by 5pm today LOL sheesh talk about cuttin it close.

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