Friday, May 6, 2011


Had to change the soundtrack up to reflect my mood for the day. The Clipse track Grindin always has a special place in my black heart and I herd it drivin home from work today and had to slap it for everyones pleasure, or dislike LOL. Anyway got confirmation today that I legitly now have 3 jobs at the moment until the city thing goes down the tubes. Yeah thats right your boy is gettin laid off due to budget cuts from my city of San Jose Employment, but I got some things up my sleeve so possibly not done but Im setting them on the shelf for now. Bigger fish ya know? Anyway I landed the OR Supply Chain Materials gig at Regional Medical Center and thats a good solid step forward in the little medical career I seem to have stumbled into so pretty psyked on that, part time with 22hrs a week but it comes with benefits and once your at the hospital the search is on for a full time spot, so given I was only on call per diem for 8 months before I moved up Im hoping I can wiggle into a nice spot at RMC as well. So psyked I still get my per diem chances at the warehouse too so warehouse/rmc/and skatepark will keep me busy for the next few weeks. Even got a raise at the warehouse which took me up and over $27.00 an hour and I am psyked on that but found it hilarious that Im leaving that payscale so soon for the on site hospital gig, which pays lower but is more stable. Either way the last few checks should sit heavy and thats a plus. Been working on the cardio thanks to Rodney for the trainer setup and havent missed a night on it yet, Im sure Im doing all the wrong stuff, but its 10x more than I was doing before so thats gotta be good right? No more soda, gave it up for ummmm no apparent reason? LOL Livermore is slowly gettin on track and thats good to hear. Lifes good bruh!

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