Sunday, May 22, 2011

Much of the same, as always.

Work, work, work. Doin the most as some would say haha. Worked the hospital gig all week and took an extra shift at the warehouse which turned into working the warehouse all weekend, and just got the call for 9-5 at the hospital again tomorrow. I was supposed to start the part time hours this week but glad that Im still stackin the full days. Overtime is payin like $35 an hour so thats nice. Got my worlds stuff all worked out so thats looking good. Booking my flight soon for that adventure and really excited to get it all squared away. Not too much going on, still been doing the road bike thing everynight even though Im dead tired at night. I think since I started Ive only missed like 3-4 nights so kinda glad Ive been stickin to that and hopefully I get faster? LOL who knows but at least I feel like Ive been workin at it hahahaha. Not too much news just all work and no play, but savin for a new car I think :)

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