Thursday, September 22, 2011

RIP :(

Shit man, never good to post saddening news but I guess after Interbike Rickey Bates of the Sputnic team along with Gary Dimartine from Florida were headin into PHX AZ and were involved in a car crash resulting in BMX as a community losing 2 of our own. Condolences go out to their families and the scenes they come from I know of Bates a bunch because he drops quite a few edits but my knowledge of Dimartine is minimal. None the less man that shit sucks and Ive said it before a million times and Ill say it again. Treasure today as its your last people... I dont know how many times Ive driven to Interbike let alone a zillion miles across the country and been fortunate enough to arrive safely to a destination. When my thumb gets better Ill roost a double for these 2 guys and I encourage everyone to do the same! RIP BroSki's

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