Tuesday, September 6, 2011

3rd and 4th @ NBL Grands, Evo... check.

First off I somehow took my slow pedaling a$$ into a few mains over the weekend at the NBL Grands and when I found myself in those mains I was actually not doing too bad. The track was pretty ABA so you could check the skill at the door and exchange it for pure speed. That didnt help my cause at all but like I said I did just enough in the monster moto that I landed in to just make it out on the bubble spot and I would ride that bubble spot all day and even take down a 4th in the main. Cruiser was much of the same I faired a bit better in the motos but a lame start had me watchin the semi main run away from me, made a few moves avoided a crash and tried to even help Nate make the main but it didnt work out. I eventually took down a 3rd in the cruiser main, the rain had started falling pretty good and I didnt really wanna go hard into the turns so I just rode the straights hard, and then coasted and stood tall in the turns and didnt really force the issue. Now my boys were fearless, RC Ricky Castro was killin it. He has been riding the park a bit lately and it must be payin off cuz he was lookin good and stylish leading races all day long. He is always a good lil guy to session with and since camp a few weeks ago, I really feel that we have a good little bond together. You could even think of it like brotherly love of sorts... Yeah thats what Id call it brotherly love. Bwa Ha Ha. Got home and after ages of searching I finally found the Evo of my dreams! Well ok maybe it wasnt or isnt the evo of my dreams, but its definitely the evo I could afford and purchased and you can see me ramping around town until the cops take it away from me lol. Took it for a drive yesterday and torquezilla is all I can say. Thing definitely has too much power to ever really need, and to think I was looking at getting some that had built engines and like 700hp, the one I bought has some stuff done but its only at about 400hp and is already plenty of pull for my lead foot. Good times, she needs some tranny TLC a suspected throwout bearing is making a nasty noise but we shall see, gonna put my audio stuff in the trunk in the next few weeks when I quit being lazy so I can have some bass in the thing and thats about it. Tint? someday. Wheels later? maybe. I really should put up a picture but again Im way lazy and heading to help my uncle with his 25th wedding anniversary stuff again this morning. Interviews soon from my boys at Grands and thats about all. Work Work Work back on the grind!

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