Monday, September 19, 2011

Time Lapse?

Its been a LONG time since Ive blogged and Ive just been busy or whatever... The Evo has a Dr. appointment to get some goodies swapped in and some issues fixed. She should be cherry when she is all done and settin me back $1500.00 LOL YAY. Nate Mellone got me good and has setup a clone account in my honor on the good ol FaceCrook website. Its been funny to see the postings from him, I told him Id let it ride out and wouldn't cancel the account as long as it didnt get me into any shit, so expect it to be axed in about 72 hrs. LOL. Warriors of Wood went down and I had a good time judging. Smaller relaxed chill vibe this year, jumps were much smaller and guys were getting through but not too many people throwing down really hard, I had a great time and wish I could have ridden, which leads me into my crybaby rant about my MCM joint in my hand. Yeah went down on a 360 and broke it or something :( Trying to relax it for a few weeks and avoid a surgery but Im not too confident Im gonna luck this one out. Kinda bummy but whatever. Trails are on hit lately and I really miss roostin some dubs, but whatever time flies and Ill be back asap. School show for Al and Jump2Jump went down well, quick few hundy to add to the evo fund. Selling the Escape- so someone who wants a shady whip make me an offer and its all yours. What else.... BMX Camp next month with Al assuming he doesnt flake out, should be fun sign your kids up ASAP as we will be capping it off at some point. Thats all I think... Adios

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