Friday, October 14, 2011

Lets Goooooo!

Packed up the fit this morning, gabe lumberjacked some wood to keep us eatin marshmallows and heading out to get the campsite setup in just a few minutes. Alex is coming from the indians house with the other rig and some more gear and then we should be dialed. Headed out to Casa De Fruta tonight for the first night pizza, swimming, and hangin out before the cold sets in then its off to Fresno tomorrow morning where our resident local superhero Ryan Garcia is gonna take us to all the shreddable spots. After a long day in Fresno we will set up camp at Kellys Beach in Reedley and then session Orange Cove park and track sunday morning before heading back to the bay. Kids should have a good time and I havent slept in a tent in ages, wish me luck!

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