Monday, October 10, 2011

School Shows/BMX Camp

A few teachers about to get 360'd over for the grand finale of sorts haha

Did a few school shows in Los Banos with Al last week and had a bit of fun shredding the baby box jump. Its funny cuz you ride that thing enough and you just start to get comfortable with it. Its tiny at about 3ft. tall and the gap never gets too far maybe 10 feet? We had to do the show indoors which was fun and it worked out and we stayed out of the rain which threatened but never really started. Al took off to the Reedley NBL State finals and I headed back to work and the drive was a burner but luckily I took the fit which gets probably 2x the gas mileage my evo gets. Its hard to drive that thing after my car but to save gas money I wasnt trippin. Speakin of the Evo that breezy is gettin a set of 18x9.5 rota grids and some new tires pretty soon as well as some wheels spacers and some adjusting to get that perfect stance I want :) Then its an Hta 71 turbo from the guys at fp that will be ordered and a tune session, hoping to get 400hp on 91 octane and then she will be done :) Finally gonna get the tint laid down too :) Im homeless as of late so staying with my aunt Mary which isnt the best scenario but when your saving $2000 a month on rent that can add up quickly, likely gonna just buy a house in the next few weeks/months/years however long that nonsense takes, renting is for the birds so im gonna make some move asap.

BMX Camp starts Friday and should be good, plenty of room for more little gremlins so if you got a snot nosed kid send em my way! Pretty juiced about it, Friday starts at Casa De Fruta for a night of fun and then early Saturday headed to Fresno to shred the greatest place on earth.... Wayyyyy excited for this weekend.

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no video jumpin the teachers? lagggin