Thursday, February 9, 2012

So its Karma you say?

Was gonna sit on this bit of info til I had some more clarity but whats the fun in that? I think I have somehow managed to retear my ACL or any of the other ligaments in my knee :( Haha. Woke up like 3-4days ago and my knee was buggin and really tender to the touch, didnt think much of it but it stayed that way all day and really shotty range of motion. Again I didnt pay much attention because I have a pretty high pain tolerance or so I think, and it was still for the most part functioning well. Well after a few days of this feeling Ive come to think hmmmmm maybe somehow without a big crash I just pissed it off somehow. Then I had some familiar feelings and it all started to make sense. Doctors appt Monday at 10:15am was originally to get the mcm joint in my hand looked at and now Ill be going for double duty. Likely just get an ortho appt scheduled and get a referral over there after my general doctor says im stupid and dont know what Im talking about LOL Should be interesting to see how it all times out, surgery or no surgery and how much downtime id be lookin at. Its oddly exciting in a sense because of the unknowns but we shall see. I have been joking that it cant be karma because if it were karma a piano would fall from the sky, followed by a fragment from an asteroid and land on me cuz I got plenty of shotty karma headed my way LOL

Stay tuned for more details :)

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Jonas said...

bummer deal brother. Heal up so I can punt you.