Sunday, February 26, 2012

Trail$ In Winter

Not often can you say your puttin is full trail days when it should be building time from the rains, but welcome to 2012 well rain is fiction. LOL. Camp wrapped up really well myself and Josh really made a killer week out of smaller numbers but got things done properly with our new day camp structure and retail sales. Nice. Saturday met up with the SJ crew at Post Office and although some normal rippers couldnt get the dirt figured out it was good times for those who have invested time figuring out the trail steez. Nyquist still brakeless and going through the list of bangers to keep himself sharp. You name it, it was done clean and proper. He doesnt really amaze me that much cuz I see him ride alot but I definitely respect his level of riding and he keeps me juiced for sure. What was even crazier was a kid getting through the big line on an 18" bike. Wow. Bubba Gonzales Mr. World #1 made an appearance so I shredded with him too, good times across the board. Cam was going big, didnt get the smoothest style award but he definitely was goin for it. Nick Noble got me to get an old 360 back that ive been avoiding and it worked. And I went through my whole deeeeeep bag of tricks which consists of 360's and flips LOL. Solid day for sure and a good indicator of things to come. Ry Ny drives a prius to be all earth friendly and save trees and what not, then he pees on them. Ironic?

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