Monday, February 27, 2012

Toot Tooot!

Sometimes you gotta toot your own horn LOL A grandparent of a kid from camp had some kind words to say about me and did so in the form of an email to my parks manager with the city of SJ. Kid's name was Wyatt and although he skateboards he was so new that I took him for some intro stuff on day 1 and then gave him some more work as the week went on. Met his Grandma, Grandpa, and just about the whole family before the week was up and she really enjoyed it I guess. As corny as it sounds when I was let go from the city last year I wasnt sure if going back was even worthwhile, we had taken a nasty paycut, and the vibe with my old boss was negative. But I knew it was home for one reason or another and I seriously went back for the kids who really appreciate camps like Wyatt. No pro skater aspirations, doesn't know who the newest red bull skater is or even know what an energy drink is for that matter. Just has a good time cruising around and learning stuff in the ocean of concrete at the park. From a kid like Wyatt who just enjoys being there, to the next up and coming ripper like a Ricky Castro or Brian Jarett. The kids literally enjoy camps and riding so I enjoy being a part of that experience for them. Anyway here is the letter, it may be mehhhh whatever to you but it made my day for sure.
Dear Cindy,

My 8 year old grandson Wyatt attended skate camp this past week and I felt the need to write you this note regarding his experience. We were blown away! He is a beginner and I mean beginner! When we arrived on the first day and saw how experienced all the other kids were on skateboards and bikes I thought it might not work out for him. He is painfully shy and the youngest child in our family. I felt certain he was going to end up on the sidelines just watching. Not the case.

Under the careful direction of your staff he loved it and learned so much. Nick was a blessing! His calm, friendly, patient nurturing is truly a talent. He took this shy kid who was more than a bit nervous and gave him the confidence to do things on that board that he never thought he could!. Josh and Andrew are amazing as well, each having taken the time to work with Wyatt.

The style of "camp" was great. It gave the campers warm up, stretching, skills practice and free style time. When Wyatt wasn't at the same level and couldn't do the tricks being taught, he would go off to another section of the park and practice what he did feel comfortable doing. Each of your instructors were always mindful of where Wyatt was. Giving him space, but knowing where he was. Often another instructor would take this time to work with Wyatt. Nick seemed to sense when Wyatt was on the verge of wanting to step up and try something and was always available to make it happen. Andrew and Josh did their fair share of hand holding too.

This was an amazing experience and we are truly grateful for this talented staff!

We will look forward to spending afternoons watching our grandson there.


Michelle Jakubs

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Jonas said...

Im not sure if its a good thing or sketchy thing that you're a role model. hahaha, good job mang!