Friday, March 9, 2012

Aptos it is.

Hahaha packin my shit and gettin a hardtail apparently. The meeting went ehhhhh today. I blame myself, I brought along this noob rider hoping to show that some jumps at LCRSP could help less skilled riders than myself to become better not just on bikes but better people as well. The kid just didnt relay the point well enough I guess. Maybe next time Ill be more selective, maybe an accomplished rider with a long track record to prove I mean business. Yep thats what ill do. Anyway so I agreed to be a part of a workgroup, and basically see how the group sees things playing out. I know what I want and hopefully they see that Im right. LOL In all seriousness jokes aside. The meeting went pretty ok. I like Steve the director and he seemed sincere in wanting to help me out with my aspirations of some dirt jumps. How to go about it may get tricky but thats juts city politics. For now, hang tight and keep drivin over 17 to Aptos.

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