Friday, March 2, 2012

On the edge.

You ever be on the edge in a good way? I feel like Im at a point right now where things are going to start moving at a fast pace and it may come off as a blur but will be great when its all settled in. City work has been minimal IMO but at the same time Ive been putting in heavy work, if that makes sense. Camp wrapped up and things just havent slowed down really, BMX birthday party tomorrow for a camp kid should be fun, work weeks have been long and will start a double up routine very soon as I start working into some other operations at Cunningham. Longer hours and more work put in will stack paper at a faster pace :) Boutta book this London ticket when I get around to it, Heading to Chula to qualify in for the worlds in a few weeks. Did I mention the city meetings for the next project Im pushing through the pipe? Busyness. Wouldnt have it any other way though Im pretty sure. Even been playin tennis with Matty, J, and Alicia. As soon as we get Matt a lil more skills we should be the next big thing LOL Thats all for now check back as all this stuff slowly develops. jyeah

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