Monday, March 19, 2012

Ramp Rats?

Yep. Amazingly after riding the old RR park for years, they moved to a new location which was farther from the old location and I moved farther from my old house. So the new location is already years old and was only new to me because I never drive that far to ride for the most part. It was well worth it though. The session was pretty hectic and the park is fairly small but I got some fun time in and hadnt ridden a good mini ramp in some time. It wasnt the best mini Id ever ridden but it was dry and the session was solid. Headed up with Nyquist in his green machine prius so I think the bridge toll cost more than the gas we consumed which was kinda nice. Met up with a few SJ heads there and things were fun. Andrew Lang was going nuts on the box along with another UFO who was laying waste to that box jump as well. Highlights were Nyquist flirting with the upper lights along the rafter, it was good to see but scary all at the same time. I did absolutely nothing but a few turndowns and some high airs, and wrapped up the day with a few flyout barspins on a borrowed bike. I said Id lift my seat up cuz trucks over dirt are pretty sick, but well see. Droppin off my racket to get restrung today so that will be kinda nice to get that all done and the tennis center near my house has like leagues and stuff so I might check that out and see if it fits my schedule, been wanting to play more and the new racket mojo should keep me interested. Contest at LCRSP has been moved to the 24th aka SATURDAY. Take note and Ill see you there. Thats all for now.

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