Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Get your patriotic asses up and set off fireworks and bbq today for the pure satisfaction of being american LOL. Same ol story for me lately been doing camps each week and it looks like I will have a personal weekend camp The weekend of July 21st. The Annual Mosqueda jam at fresno is on the 21st and Ill be doing the play by play on the mic for my boy Ryan Garcia. I figured the last Fresno trip/camp I did was alot of fun and I think Im going to do it again. Spots will be quite limited 4-5 kids only, dropoff will be Friday and pickup the gromlins on Sunday. Were going to do SJ to Fresno with park and trail riding and the highlight being the contest at Mosqueda. Hit me up if you would like more info or to lock in your spot. What else is bubbling? Did a pump track build with Alex all weekend and got darker than ever, track looked good and big jumps in the near future are slowly in the works. Kali is doin it big :) Hmmm what else, senor RyNy took Xgames silver which is pretty heavy and stoked for him, guy can ride a bike pretty well. No footed can barspin pretty much owned all the circus stuff. X games had tons of kooky stuff going on and seeing the 11-15yr old kids with 20 layers of bubble wrap and pads going down the mega ramp was comical, but extreme I guess. To each their own, Im on the bring back dirt jumping movement myself. Bestwick demolished all the people who said his comp was catching up, haha that fool will step down when he wants and not a day sooner. Thats all for now 10.5 hour OT shift at LCRSP today come out if you wanna visit a playa!

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