Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Run that thang.

The Clipse said it best "Grindin" haha Headed to Vegas tomorrow evening to race some BMX for the first time in a few months and only the 2nd race this year for me HA. Should be fun and rooming with my nephew Alex @ Tahiti Village so gonna be a nice lil weekend. Sun, BMX, Gambling, and catching up with my 702 crew. Steph hooked up the room so gracias to her as always and Alex was quick to jump on board so things should be dialed. Thanks to Misty and Rick for taking my rig up for me. Even better news is Ill be booking my flight to Greenville NC this week for next months trip to go sesh the UNIT with my SJ Salt Crew. That should be a blast for sure and quite excited to go ride that place. Im trying to do a long trip out there but every1 wanna be back home in a few days, but Im waitin to book my tix for sure cuz Im trying to get as much session time as possible :) Trips trips trips.

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Jonas said...

try not to suck/miss your motos. have fun