Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vegas Recap.

So another Vegas trip is in the books and as always a good time was had and I enjoyed myself for sure. Races went decent, I figured I was going to be moto'd out but made it to semis both days so that was kinda nice but didnt really have the first few pedals to get into any mains. Saturday I had lane 2 in the semi with Brandon P in lane 1 so I knew Id be swiftly cutoff but just hit the turn hard and see where the chips fall. Gate dropped I got out decently Brandon went by with no issue and I dropped into the turn with my boy Shannon in tow in lane 3, although that smart guy moved onto the inside lane 1 track like the clever guy he is. I stuffed up the turn and started to come back out and clipped Shannons back wheel, unclipped and that was pretty much it for that lap. Jake was pissed thought the hard line into the turn wasnt very kind of me, but I let it go because all in all its Expert racing at the national level and if you go in low and dont finish a turn high you my friend are an idiot. He would do the same and I will do it every time given that same situation. He cooled down after some choice words and me and Shannon laughed it off like we do everything else in BMX. Sundat I drew lane 7 in the semi got a solid start and just never had a shot to cut down into the turn and get into the top 4. Jeremy G made it in though and I was stoked for him, then he podiumed with a 2nd on the day. Nice. The new class was fun and I know almost everyone in the mix which is always good. Now onto the BMX is so gay at times moment LOL. Vance Wang Dang wanted to reclass from single A and was not allowed to because of a lack of signatures and some grumblings about him being pro blah blah blah. Get over it people half the class was pro at some point, why cry now? Vance is a stand up dude and has been in the game a LONG time, hating on him does no good for BMX and is seriously a black eye and an insult to an OG in the game. Cant wait to see him shredding somewhere with or without  a numberplate! Over and out for now and for my sanity someone wanna roost some trails weekdays? Please? hahahaha

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