Monday, October 28, 2013

AZ road trip.

Just got back from AZ last night for a sput of the moment necessity road trip. Found a good deal on an evo engine and didnt wanna pass it up. Last week I had an altercation under the hood in the evo with a broken rod and the wall of the block. Not sure a clear winner was crowned but it definitely left both contenders bruised and broken and me without a car for the next few weeks/months. Evo is down for a bit but never out. Found a built 2.1 block and head and pulled the trigger on it. The cash was pretty steep so I didnt wanna buy it blind and decided to drive out and pick it up. 10-11 hours both ways in the capatain seat of the fit was quite taxing and I semi regret what I had chosen to do once or twice but overall it was worth it and the bulk of getting the evo back in order is now done. Choosing a fitting turbo kit now is the next step in the process and deciding what route I want to go. Budget is in mind and selling off some stuff from my old motor definitely needs to fund the new shit. Ill put pics up sometime soon when I take some, for now use your imagination kids :) PS. who wanna give me a ride to and from work? Haha FML.

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