Monday, July 14, 2014

1 step forward, 2 steps back?

Most think thats a problem or an issue, or some subliminal message about whaaa whaaaaa poor me. Nah eff that. I say if you are forced back by 2 steps you actually gain some running room to get some momentum going for your next effort :) Use that room to your advantage! Started 4th camp of the summer today to the tune of 13 strapping young gentleman ready to rock. It was a good day taught some kids some new shred maneuvers and got back into the groove after Vegas. Vegas... Argentina failed me that was the biggest single bet hit. Three card poker I dont know if I love or hate it... I went with $500 in my pocket and had to hit the ATM for an additional $300 at some point so thats not a good sign right? Trip was mehhh Im truly a solo dolo person Ive come to realize when it comes to Vegas. I did however meet up with Carla and had a drink or two playing video poker. And by a drink or two I mean a pair of $30 pepsi's LOL. Was a good bit of driving, pool session was chill and thats about it. Next stop is Colorado for a race in Dacono that I won like 10 years ago haha. I think Im going to just race at tracks I used to shred at back in the day. Might be a short trip/list though haha. Thats all for now peeps I gave someone some keen advice today that was something to the effect of "only look forward and better your future because the past is just that, its behind you and you cant be effective going forward if your stuck looking the wrong way"

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