Thursday, July 17, 2014

Random Rant

Seriously a pretty crazy week. Been shredding the skateboard a bit lately and finally buying a whole board and gonna shred some mini ramp on the thing. Its the challenge to get better that attracts me and Ive bitten the hook for sure. New setup is an all white and blue "real" deck, with indy trucks and spitfire wheels to round it out. Pretty excited to finally have my own setup, Ive skated a few different shop boards from time to time and given away my last setup earlier in the year so Im stoked to build this one and not let it go. Been riding slightly above average lately too. Been dialing in the flairs and starting to do smaller transitions and having 50/50 results so pretty juiced Im still able to push it a little bit. Bike party is tomorrow night 18.5miles of pedaling enjoyment and its at a good time, will be good to clear the head and just pedal and manual. Stretch out the quads. Been debating on hitting the Colorado race in 2 weeks, flights are slightly pricey so leaning towards NO, but Ive done worse things so still very much in the air. What else is new? Campers have been so awesome, cant say thanks enough for hanging with a new group of kids every week it really keeps you on your toes and its crazy trying to encourage kids in 5 days to step outside their comfort zones. Love it though seriously love it. Park is killllllin it and we makin moves. Holla!

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