Thursday, July 3, 2014

Long Overdue

This blog was long overdue and some more of payin it forward was overdue as well. Enter my newest project which I called S3 aka Summer Scooter Session @LCRSP. Now before you start ranting about how gay scooters are and how stupid they are and dont belong in skateparks you have to know 2 very important things. The first one is I dont give two shits what you think and your opinion holds no weight to me, second thing is I love me some kids and kids love the scooters so by default Im loving the scoot game too. So I planned this event and the company support was strong from day 1 which was a good sign, I knew the kids would come out and Rachel came through with a solid flier in plenty of time to get the word out. That flier ended up going fairly viral through some channels in the scoot industry and it all translated into the perfect scooter storm. I was hoping for 35-40 entrants and was pretty shocked when I saw we had 74 amateurs and 9 pro riders. Thats amazing and single handedly our biggest entrant list of all time. I got a crazy sun burn from being halfway in the sun but was all totally worth it. Kids had a blast and I had a blast hooking them up with over $2000 worth of product. Totally good times and worth the crazy day. Did some reflecting on it already and getting ready to get started on the next event. Woot woot.

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