Monday, September 28, 2015

Cali Livin' and Vegas Trippin~

Just booked a flight to Vegas for a few days mid month. Home life has been a bit of a stressball and Im burned out on it so to relax for a few I figure a 72 hour Vegas retreat should balance me out a bit. The homie Carla been going through it with some job shit, so I figure we can be the misery loves company pair LOL. It aint nearly as bad as I may make it seem but its definitely a credible excuse to go soak in that 702 sun. Been getting the chance to hit fridays at the track again and pleased with how quick I got back into "fair" shape, been really debating on trying to shred and get fast again but it definitely takes up some time and I am thinking I care more about stacking up cash right now. But thats a swaying thing so I can see some more race trips in the future and a sprint program of sorts, time to get back to the glory days LOL. Thats all for now not too much to blog but had to keep the loyal few who read entertained.

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