Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Just rantin'

I dont know why specifically but I been in a bitching and complaining mood lately for sure. Haha always good to have a blog as a soundboard to bounce shit off :) And close friends to text and talk ears off and have them use me for the same reasons. LOL its a vicious cycle! Applying for a job tonight for my old warehouse location, they need an assistant manager and inventory analyst spot filled and although Im not qualified on paper Im applying anyway, figure if they wanna take a chance I already know I can hit a homerun working for them. Might be a slight pay cut though but Ill worry about that if I get to that point. Fingers crossed it works out and if it doesnt it's another one of those oh well no big deal scenarios. Ive found a good niche where I am not complaining too much about the money im making and deciding my own schedule for the most part. The way I see it cant lose anything by throwing my name in the ring... #fuckit Really juiced on heading over to Vegas in a few weeks and think I might start going more often like I used to a few years ago. Things were fun and life felt simpler back then and I feel like I would be better off doing that again, traveling keeps me refreshed I just need to quit trying to stay a homebody when that shit just aint for me. Fuck it between vegas and the national race schedule Im tryna be out and about more. Yeah thats the plan, or is it? LOL confused.

Throwback photo Fresno Am Jam announcing with the homie Waylan behind me casting judgement!

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