Saturday, February 27, 2016


So if you are even on my blog its because you know me and you know me well. So it shouldn't come as a shocker that when I get involved I generally go deep with stuff. Im not one to be super casual in and out of a zillion different things, find my spots and hit them well. With the transition of management with my city job that has occurred recently I really didn't care because in all honesty it was just going to be yet another wave of a boss that would come and rank and file and lip service promise the world and then settle in and let me do what I do. Like clockwork the lip service came superman in a city suit Ive heard it all before the same speech about how great of a resource we now have, how effective and easier life will be etc etc etc. Then he started fixing things that weren't broken. I didnt mind, it was a bad idea but hey you gotta make a mistake before you realize how valuable I am is the way I see it. Ive been getting slowly but surely vibed I guess you could say. I didnt take it negative at first and its been more comical than anything but Im really finding it hard to let go of the program there. I know ultimately I am signing off. It is really not even something that can be fixed. Im lower on the totem pole and management without coming out and saying it is going a different direction basically. A direction I definitely dont agree with but its their choice to make. I guess Im just bummed that people cant sit back and think about what they have at their disposal without feeling offended because of someone elses skills or ability or whatever. I got an email from a parent of a camper Ive had a few years and she expressed concern and I worked it out with her anyway but it definitely pushed my button about the groms I wont be seeing all summer long. I have stayed through the city BS for 7 years and finally just have to leave it alone because at this point its just managerial issues and I cant do anything from my spot. Frustrating but also the email was comforting that the kids Ive met are my friends and not just customers from the city. City staff or not the kids are gonna be the kids and Im still gonna help them in any way I can. Stoked I can always fall back on that if nothing else. #Salute

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