Sunday, February 28, 2016

Happy Birthday Blog!

Kinda crazy my blog has been going since Feb of 08' so its getting up in age I guess. Started it to document all the travel I was doing and host photos and just kept it up. Time flies. Got off work at RMC pretty early today and got a haircut before heading over to the track and getting a few laps in. I was there pretty early and saw a dad with a young daughter there 5 year old little girl wide eyed and excited as can be. If you know BMX and you've been around long enough it can be very intimidating at first so I spoke with the dad and met Layla and let him know to yell if he needed anything. I took a few laps and noticed them doing the rookie look. Nervous and scared and excited all at the same time would be the way to describe it. I rode up to them explained to the dad that I have ridden forever and could help them out a bit, he agreed and what followed after that could only be described as chaotic fun. Layla was fearless to a point, stubborn like a mule, and headstrong as an ox. Never have I seen a girl ride 2 straightaways against traffic on a bmx track her first lap even though I started her the right way and live to tell about it. She had a blast, never crashed and raced her first race today. Cheers to her and salute that she has many more in the future. I told someone today that it was a fitting experience as I was slowly losing my status as an "instructor" but you can take a job title although you can never take a skillset and ultimately I possess that and can always apply it. Which of course I will and today was a really timely reminder that its your obligation to pay things forward as many have likely done for you. The saying goes "each one teach one" when you learn something pass it along to the next generation kinda emphasis. So from me to Layla today and hopefully she passes along the new skills to the next girl or boy down the line. Touching sappy day today and really enjoyed it. Thanks Layla and keep up the solid work!

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