Saturday, February 20, 2016


Believe it or not I rode my bike for once! LOL. I definitely sucked worse than I ever had but I also had fun and you start to appreciate the stuff you are doing more and more as it gets challenging to realize your comfort level is nowhere near what it was previously. I got out early before the session got busy and heated so had plenty of runs to be careless and not worry about crashing into anyone. Started tp pump corners and look for speed here and there and thats when I realized I was falling back into the old rhythm and it was nice. Still have lightyears to go though but definitely going to be roasting again soon. Going to see if its possible to get a session in each week somehow and maybe even get off the weekend shifts in general and dedicate that to gettin loose on the ol whip. Kids are way too good these days and all they lack is the amplitude to do the wild shit they do at height. So if roasting hi is where I can beat em out then so be it! LOL Never scared to land flat lets do this shit! Catching up on sleep was a blessing as well so shout out to the opportunity to not set an alarm and get some shut eye for once :) Thats all for now and like usual I didnt bother with any photos or videos so thats that.

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