Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March Forth

Oh how I am beginning to despise the month of March. Its exactly a year to the day since I totaled my EVO the original all blacked out one. Survived and built a more badass one. This March dealt me one less job and better than that one less "friend". I keep a real small circle of people around me easily like 5-6people maybe that I truly consider friends. I mean sure I know hundreds of people through riding and work and stuff but actual true friends are hard to come by these days. So when I lose one its a semi big deal and its a stab. I entrust my friends with a lot and would do anything for them and it leaves you vulnerable but at the same time thats what a real friendship is right? Your real friends have all the secrets and stories to make you or break you, and likely they are guilty in the stories right along with you hahahahaha. So when this friend left a dagger in my back its more of a reality check that people just aint made like they once were. People are one minute riding wit ya and the next minute they riding against ya. Rough world. So as I start to rebuild and plot my next move, just like last year I came back with an even better EVO I shall strive to come back with an even better job and an even better tight knit group of friends around me. So here is to you hater, thanks for the reminder that true friends are def a rarity and should be held precious. Bottoms up! Now lets find a new job before I have to start chasing this BMX dream again LOL.

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