Sunday, March 6, 2016

Time Flies!

Ok so I really just wanted a reason to post a photo of my fresh ass watch that I never wear enough. Nah not really but it did make for a perfect photo to rant about how fast time goes by for me at least as of late. Its already a few days into March and that means the NCAA tournament kicks off soon and wagers sent off to Vegas to try and supplement the income will be happening soon. Its the 3rd month of a 12 month year so 1/4 of the year is slowly into the books but to me has been flying by. I attribute it to working so much and not stopping to smell the roses as they say but I think just in general with the sun still setting early the days are just short and time seems to be hauling ass. Im not complaining the year has been off to a great start for me personally and Im sure a bunch of people are doing well because nobody is complaining to me at least. LOL that or I am ignoring people perhaps? Nah I think things are just good across the board. I cant wait for the whole political race BS to end. Give Hillary the reigns so everyone can bitch and complain about how bad she sucks just like every other president we have. Nobody is happy so why even deal with the drama? Vote for who you identify with and let the votes tally. No need to convince me someone is a liar or two faced or unsupportive or blah blah blah. Crazy. Big UFC fight went down with Diaz beating Conor Mc Gregor and that was funny to see how quick we build up these overnight champions and the same reason we love them we quickly abandon them. Last week everyone was on the bandwagon about how Conor had come through and smashed opponents and was the next big thing and his confidence was validated. Then he takes a loss and we make him out to be the worst champion ever and his cocky arrogant attitude was his downfall and finally caught up to him. LOL. Fans sway for sure which is why I love that Mayweather stopped before everyone got to try and crucify him if he took a loss. Always interesting to watch how things play out. I still think Conor will be the golden child of the UFC and he is still the type of charismatic guy that mma needs to stay on top. But I definitely see things getting interesting fiscally for the UFC. Some of the payouts and numbers are odd and I know as it grows  some fighters are going to get restless. Staying tuned for sure. Thats all let get this money going this week!

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