Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Ode to the groms aka the next shredders.

This is gonna be a sappy post but not really at the same time. I showed up at the trails a few days ago with Matt and I was greeted by my friend Kim Sterling who I havent seen in likely a year. Always a pleasure to catch up with genuine people who care for you. Her son Matthew who I have known since he was an aspiring racer kid at the track and was a ripper in that right with a Worlds main to his credit was there and had skyrocketed a foot in height and had gone from grom to peer before I knew it. Was really awesome to see him getting through the big line at the jumps and just an absolute pleasure to see him making strides and getting after it. A few minutes later this other kid Connor shows up and last time I saw him was exactly a year ago and I always keep track of him because he rips and has a solid future ahead of him. He greets me and is thrilled to see me and just goes into contest mode and is dropping hammers left and right and asking me about doing this trick and that trick. Its one of those subtle respect gestures that we all do at some point in our lives to the guys we look up to or seek approval. Its not in a weird way either you just always bounce stuff off of the OG riders that you know have done it or have perspective on it. It was a trip and definitely a coming of age moment for me seeing him in a whole new light. And again the kid has ripped for years so Im not taking a shot at him at all, it was just cool to see me now view him as another dude who shreds and not a prodigy anymore. Stoked for those guys. I started linking basic lines together there and was having a blast and sure enough Connor asked me to flip the last set and its something I have considered already LOL we both said you first and neither of us wanted to ride that bull. Left it for another day, but that day is soon Im sure. Shoutout to the younger groms all over the scene putting in the seat time to shred hard and outclass us old guys! World is yours boys!

Turndown- Old dog old tricks :)

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