Friday, April 8, 2016


I shouldn't even call it amazing because at this point in my life it doesn't amaze me as much as I begin to expect it. And in learning to expect it, you become sharp and can start to counter the actions of the situation. What is the situation? Well it nearly happens daily sometimes multiple times a day and sometimes it goes for days and weeks without ever popping up. But its basically in a nutshell a person with a piss poor shit ass attitude who just goes out of their way to just be for lack of a better word and to be able to use my favorite word when someone acts like a fucking CUNT. Yeah I said it. If you know me super well like really really well and you can gauge your level of friendship with me right here if you know me enough to know I hate speaking to people I don't know its for this same reason. Because the less people I have to speak with or deal with a day the lesser my chances of meeting one of these asshole people. So if I can have someone else call an order a pizza Im doing it. If someone else can ask the server for a refill of our drinks I gladly let them. I just know that the less I deal with anyone the better my chances of not wanting to explode are going to be LOL. Today a very special person who is a tool absolute insecure fucking tool just went out of his way to prove a point when a point wasn't needed. To enforce his will when it wasn't warranted. I remedied the situation in my own way so he feels he won and he shit talked me and of course behind my back because you gotta have a pair and a spine to at least speak down to me like a man. Thats very much not him. As I anticipated the douchebag moves I began to counter and took the precautionary steps to stay ahead of the idiot. What did he accomplish? Zero. Enough about this clown lets get to the good feel good part of the blog. If you ever are going in on someone or shit talking them behind their backs, Im not perfect Im the biggest hypocrite I know so don't compare yourself to me always be better than me. PLEASE BE BETTER THAN ME! Anyway just be good to people. If you don't understand them you may not know the stuff the backstory they are dealing with or their vision. Be good to one another. Half the time its not going to cost you anything to be kinder to one another. You gotta try harder people and when we all do a slight bit more I know we can make strides. Thats all. Salute the douchebag fucks out there tomorrow you will wake up as your lame ass and Ill wake up as me. Like Puff Daddy would say "Take that"

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