Thursday, April 14, 2016


Why why why does it always end up being the stupidest people in control of all the stuff with so much potential. Todays rant is based about Tre Whyte outta the UK to give you a brief overview he is a top tier  rider in that region and a top 5 guy for sure if not top 3. Basically the UK has a few qualified entrant spots available to them and they are choosing to not send that allotment of riders. I get it. If you only have squids who cant ride for squat then yeah decline your spots. But that aint the case! With the Manchester facility they have plenty of riders who are competitive and deserve a chance. Thats what makes the fucking worlds the motherfucking worlds! You cant claim to be the fucking best in the world when not everyone is even allowed to enter the race. Tre Whyte hands down fucking deserves a spot on that gate. If he gets beat fair and square Im fine with that and in all honesty I dont see him making a main, but its BMX and if you cant climb on the gate you have 0% chance of winning. By climbing onto the gate your chances have just increased 100%. Fucking tool boxes are in charge of the UK cycling scene and they need to be cycled out no pun intended. Whatever the backroom personal vendetta is I sure would like to know and I could respect them more if they came out and said fuck Tre instead of the political nonsense. And to take it even further I think Kyle Evans and Liam are weak as fuck too. You stay together and you come out and say fuck it Im not riding if my team mate cant ride. Show some fucking solidarity to your fellow countrymen to your fellow fucking rider. Thats the problem its become such a fucking selfish, train your brains out and not give a fuck about anyone. Shit has lost its soul and thats why it will always be a side show. BMX racing will always have the sad issue that when push comes to shove none of these fuckers have a spine and the majority of people are in it for themselves. Sad Sad Sad. Tre-here is to you my man fuck the politics everytime you gate up wherever it may be race with the passion that you and only you can imagine and use that fire to burn the tool boxes working against you. #PeckhamForever

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