Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 closeout!

Well 2016 was a roller coaster like many years before and surely many years to come. Thats life though and ultimately if you can live to fight another day than I think you are potentially one move away from being great. Keep fighting for what you desire, try and limit the mistakes and keep the eye on the prize as they say. My year started off with a ton of work as things had me wrapped up and in a strange turn of events I went from working to dealing drugs to getting a new job all within a quick 2-3 week span. LOL Just jokes. But in starting my new job it allowed me the time to pick up the race bike and get out and dust off things. It was nice having the time and availability to get involved with the local scene and it coincided with my friend Alex rebuilding my local track so I got to help a bunch with that. Fast forward a few short months and I was working with kids going to races and overall having a good time riding my race bike a bunch and I had definitely missed seeing many people from that scene. Started some clinics with newer riders and intermediates and just giving back has been a good time and helping with the local track is a good bonus that Im happy dedicate time to. End of year made some goals to get back to the whole team USA circus that is the worlds and this year doesn't mean as much to me as years past because the location isn't foreign but I've been working with my homie Benny and just getting him to ride confident regardless of results and myself as well should pay dividends for him and me in not just BMX but pretty much anything. Some things may revolve around BMX but its life lesson stuff that if you work hard put in the time you can get some results, he may see the short term goal of becoming a better BMX racer but the real deal thing is you teach kids to better young men and women and thats what really matters. Long after the plastic trophies are dusty and neglected if you have impacted people and in turn they have also impacted people to be better than you hang your hat on those facts. Each one teach one. Im not perfect, I fuck up daily and have had more mistakes that Im not proud of than moments I was genuinely happy about. But again you keep truckin' and keep going forward because each day you get up, each time you stand back up after a fall, or each time you set  a tire in the gate you have potential to be great. So 2016 you have been fair to me and thats all I could hope for. 2017 I hope you are equally as fair to me because Im gonna need it. Foot on the gas! Lets do this shit.

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