Saturday, December 3, 2016

Put some respect on my name LOL

I figure that statement has died down long enough for me to use it LOL. Todays thoughts of the day come from my morning of meeting up with the Calculated Team at the track. I know a bunch of the guys some I race, some I admittedly cant stand sometimes but all in all a chill group of dudes and I have nothing bad to say for the most part. Today they had a track work day for those who dont know basically a team commits to helping with some tasks around the track and in turn the board gives them an exclusive track practice. I made sure to be on hand to make sure nothing crazy happened to my beloved baby track lol Anyway these guys killed it. 8-10 guys all on time for the most part, we knocked out a ton of weeds that have been growing with all the recent rains, cleaned up a few areas and we were in and out within 2hours I bet. It was a HUGE fucking help and goes to show the whole teamwork thing is soooooo key in how your facility can look and feel. When dudes put in some sweat equity I think they have a sense of ownership and that leads to some track pride and more down the road which also is key. So to team calculated I salute you guys, I personally appreciate the efforts today and few will say thanks but hoping mine shows you that I for one am quite thankful. You guys ever need anything dont hesitate to ask. #salute #respectearnedforsure

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